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 Welcome To EXPERT I.T. GUYS Web Site!!

The ONE, Total Technology Solution Provider!

Why spend your time with 2, 3, 4, or MORE technology vendors?? ALL you NEED is...


We can show you how our company, the ONE Total Technology Solution (OTTS) provider, can give you:

   1. Peace of mind;
   2. More effective technology resources;
   3. And help your business operate more EFFICIENTLY and

Our Exclusive Virtual CIO Program

Most small businesses cannot afford a full time CIO. However, that usually means the responsibilities of a CIO fall on the already overburdened shoulders of the CEO and consequently, the company can’t benefit from technology as much as it should.

And that's where we come in. We are the ONE, Total Technology Solution (OTTS).

We serve as your company’s trusted, confidential, experienced and technically savvy partner, filling the role of your company's CIO on an “as needed” basis.

Our unique partnership program is an executive level, up-to-date resource for exploiting ALL of your technology assets to help ensure that your company operates more efficiently and profitably.

We never suggest a technology just for the technology's sake. We guide you to proven technology that makes good sense for your business, integrates well with existing resources, and has a measurable R.O.I.

Set up a meeting now to discuss our Virtual CIO Program and discover how well our ONE, Total Technology Solution (OTTS) satisfies what you're looking for to assist you with your business.

Our services are also available on an “a la carte” basis. We work to satisfy your needs.

We look forward to serving you!  When can we begin?

We work very diligently and insist upon maximizing the overall business value our clients receive from our consulting and technology services by utilizing I.T. Best Practices, Policies, and Procedures coupled with our collective, executive level, business management experience. An all encompassing business and technology services package which is unparalleled in the DFW Metroplex.

So when you need expert assistance with your computers, network, web site,  strategic I.T. planning, or any of your technology related resources, do what hundreds of other business owners do, contact the experts at EXPERT I.T. GUYS (XIT) and consider the problem solved!


 Civic Organizations Minimize


People can and should work together to grow a company. If an organization is to live up to its basic values and vision‚ a key ingredient will be leadership from a very large number of us.

Simply and plainly defined‚ leaders are people who have followers. They have earned recognition and respect.

Leaders are first a servant of those they lead. They are a teacher‚ a source of information and knowledge‚ and a standard setter‚ more than a giver of directions and a disciplinarian.

Leaders see things through the eyes of their followers. They put themselves in others’ shoes and help them make their dreams come true.

Leaders do not say‚ “Get going.” Instead‚ they say‚ “Let’s go!” and lead the way. They do not walk behind with a whip; they are out in front with a banner.

Leaders assume that their followers are working with them. They consider others as partners in the work and see to it that they share in the rewards. They glorify the team spirit.

Leaders are people builders. They help those under them to grow big because the leader realizes that the more big people an organization has‚ the stronger it will be.

Leaders do not hold people down… they lift them up. They reach out their hand to help their followers scale the peaks.

Leaders have faith in people. They believe in them. They have found that others rise to their high expectations.

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